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Welcome to Cookies Country Greenhouse

My husband and I have been in the greenhouse business since 1998. We started with one little greenhouse, driven by our passion for plants and gardening. Over the years, our dedication and hard work have propelled us to remarkable growth and success.

Today, our journey has led us to not only maintain the original greenhouse that sparked our dream but also to expand with two additional greenhouses. One of our proudest additions is a spacious 30 by 48 commercial model from B&W Greenhouse, a testament to our commitment to providing a wide variety of plants and products to our valued customers.

Nestled in the heart of Homer, just 2 miles out on East End Road at 2340 East End Road, our greenhouse has become a thriving hub for all things related to gardening and landscaping. Beyond our greenhouse operations, we have a profound love for custom landscaping, nurturing plants in our own garden, and cultivating a colorful array of annuals and perennials. Our expertise extends to crafting custom baskets, and we take immense pride in cultivating the freshest tomatoes, cucumbers, and a delightful assortment of other vegetables.

One of my personal joys is my love for baking, particularly crafting delectable cookies. This passion has taken an exciting turn as we’ve ventured into the world of handmade cookies. We’re delighted to share our journey by offering not only a variety of mouthwatering cookies but also by divulging the most delightful and easily achievable cookie recipes through our business.

Engaging with our community is a highlight of our endeavor. We take great pleasure in meeting new people who share our passion for all things green and growing. Building relationships with our regular customers brings us immense satisfaction, and we relish tackling every gardening challenge that comes our way with enthusiasm and creativity.

As you plan your Springtime planting, we invite you to peruse our available plants list, a testament to our dedication to providing a diverse selection to cater to your gardening aspirations. And before you leave, be sure to explore “Cookie’s Greenhouse Tips,” where I’m excited to share all my secrets for crafting a breathtakingly beautiful garden. From nurturing plants to whipping up delightful cookies, our greenhouse is a haven for all things that bring joy to life.

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