May 1st at the greenhouse

Well folks summer is on its way we have 3 greenhouses full of plants including tomatoes herbs vegetables shrubs annuals perenialls and much much more including earth boxes promix and lots of friendly advice so feel free to stop in and visit anytime! ron and cookie broste

big boy in spring

big boy in spring

3 weeks to go

hello fellow gardners just a few weeks to go hope you are all enjoying the early warm weather…all the plants look great everything is up and looking goood

Spring at the Brostes

        Well spring is here and so are the starts we start some of our plants from seed in the house and some come as plugs from growers in the lower 48….Washington St, Oregeon,and many more! You have to start them early enough to have decent sized plants available for sale come opening day! Cookie enjoys it but it is a lot of work especially early on……………




TOMATOES :  early girl   stupice   brandywine   roma    red robin    tumbling tom   (red & yellow)   tiny tim   heirlooms and many others!

CUCUMBERS: cool breeze   sweet success   variety of new pickling cucmbers!

GREEN BEANS:  provider( bush bean)    kentucky wonder (climber)

PEPPERS: habanero   jalepeno   bell  hungarian wax    sweet banana

Happy March Days!

To all our fellow gardners and plant enthusiasts happy March Days! we are excited to be opening in just over one month! we have lots of happy plants started in our house and have many many plugs and plants coming this next week and the following two weeks as well! We are planning on getting the greenhouse heat and mats going ASAP…got to find them a home…we will have soil, fertilizer, and of course lots of vegetables and plants, hanging baskets you name it! rb

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